Clay Melton Band – EP: Self-titled “Clay Melton Band”

Clay Melton Band – EP: Self-titled “Clay Melton Band”


Clicking the play button, as I was still half asleep after a long night of post production and without a drop of coffee in my system yet, I receive a high octane blast of high octane killer rock out mixed with blues and heavy overtures amalgamated all at the right places that instantaneously swing me back into the reminiscent days of Stevie Ray Vaughn. The opening track to Clay Melton’s EP, the number called, “Tonight,” knocked me on my back side and pop my eyes to wide awake! This is heart pumping raw, Texas killer blues/rock that brings the levels of heavy on the guitar riffs shining as only a Texan rock n roll night could. Clay Melton’s new EP is the caffeinated album needed to wake up a sleepless rock n roll girl.

Clay Melton’s was born in the heart of Texas but his guitar playing has been bred out the under the Texas stars as his sound resonates a deep electrifying congealing of many guitar greats melded into one satisfying rock n roll soul. Each track produced cuts the definition of the guitar greats you can almost hear Hendrix and Vaughn meeting him upon the ‘Sermon of the Rock n Roll’ to deliver one gritty delivery over and over again. Within each track Clay’s talent just builds one layer upon another layer. His foundation is deep and strong, it shows in every single track. In his next number, “Home,” he blends a story-telling lyrically style that shows the diversity in his own song-writing mode and music portmanteau words together float themselves to a recall of earlier Dashboard Confessionals except with less desperate Emo whine and a harder homeland range of rock.

Clay Melton is a musician’s story-teller and a guitarist’s god. His music is what the commercial/business enterprise of music has been waiting, and what the masses of hungry music listeners have been waiting for. It is time to plug the cable into the amp and turn it up… Clay Melton is in the house.

Channeling, as he has dialed into a higher standard form of rocking it out, the continuous music deliquesce has been created in its most simplistic tune, “Remember.” Here once again clearly Clay Melton showcases his own Melton signature style riffs. One of Clay Melton’s strongest pieces though really comes in with his final track on this self-titled EP. It is lyrically structured in haunting layers and presented to showcase the multiple parts of his talents is, the song is, “Stop and Listen.” There is so much heart and soul mixed into this one track it pulls you in and doesn’t let go. I must have pressed ‘replay’ at least twenty times alone on just this one track… YOU will keep wanting more.

The album as a whole pulls from a vast array of musical influences and elements as it combines them into a solid piece of work that undeniable is the sole thumbprint of Clay Melton.


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