Clove: Panacea’s Touch

clove-panaceas-touch-reviewClove’s “Panacea’s Touch” is an album that sits somewhere between Sade and Ingrid Michaelson. “Look to the Sky” is a soft song about being on one’s own and it really captures the listeners with its demure. Things shift a little with “In Our Own Light” as the futuristic sounds play out like a scene from “Tron.” She’s back to that innocent sounding girl in “New Day,” and then goes back to that industrial kind of way with “Send Me Down the River.” So she’s got this Lillith Fair sound to her, but can also shake it up just an little bit. She never truly strays too far from that singer songwriter vibe, she only gets a little ambient with it. If you’re a fan of Cocteau Twins and M83, check out Clove’s “Panacea’s Touch” today. (