KKasper007 Covers It All

kkasper007-reviewKKasper007 is a musician with what it takes to do his own thing and take on that of others. “Baby It’s You” is a simple song that’s chalked full of emotion and heart. With “I Got a Name” you get that same simplicity in the music, but the lyrics this time around dance around a sweet melody. Then you have the covers…KKasper007 does what it revered as one of the top graduation songs ever – Green Day’s “Time of Your Life.” They keep it pretty close to the original, while the Bon Jovi cover of “Dead of Alive” is a little softer than the original and plays around more with the instrumentation. There’s a lot going on with KKasper007 from originals to covers and back to the original content. All showcase a sense of musicianship, so check out KKasper007 and all there is to take in. (https://www.youtube.com/user/kkasper007/videos)