Brings a One-of-a-Kind Platform to Give Back to the World Through Kunle Major’s Record Label, Abikeyin Classic Productions

Offering a vibrant range of services, Abikeyin Classic Productions, in conjunction with Artistes and Lyrics initiative is giving back to the music society across the globe

Kentville, NS, Canada — October 27th, 2022 – Under the Abikeyin Classic Productions platform, dynamic artist-producer-promoter, Kunle Major is intent on uplifting up-and-coming musicians and artists. Some of his many services include creating official websites for artists, which are curated to the standard of Audiomack, Soundcloud, and Boomplay, with all essential features.

Giving back to the world with his inimitable services and diversified creative sense, Kunle Major continues to assist and galvanize record creation. His fantastic new label specializes in several stunning genres, including Gospel and Soul, delivering soul-stirring and inspirational tracks.

Currently hoping to sign artists from Nigeria and Africa only, Abikeyin Classic Productions hope to increase its impactful presence with time. Their work focuses on providing artists exposure and traction through YouTube showcases for each signed singer and artist on their channel, ‘Artistes and Lyrics TV’. Appearance on the show is not for only signed singers. Established singers all over the world are welcomed, and the show has, and still witnessing the presence of well-known artistes around the world. Check out the past shows.

Through a unique talk show format, the label elaborates on artists’ backgrounds, the meaning behind their tracks, and new and upcoming records.

Motivated to amplify the voices of budding artists around the world, Kunle Major and his label aim to fulfill the interests of all rising music creators. By providing free audio and video recording for talented artists who are musically gifted but face financial hindrances, the artist and his label hope to give back to the disenfranchised people of Africa and Nigeria.

Fighting against the excesses of privilege, Abikeyin Classic Productions have to date dropped five stunning tracks, including “Lilly of the Valley,” “In Those Days” (L’aye Ojosi), “Abikeyin” (Last Born), “Thank You Lord” “All the Glory,” “Miracle Time” and “My Help”- all of which have been shot in Canada.

Encouraging musicians all over the world to create and upload their songs free of charge, the one-of-a-kind artistic platform provides a range of services, including free audio recording and music videos. By signing rising artists to their label, Kunle Major and the Abikeyin Classic Productions hope to promote and encourage African cultures as reflected in music, languages, and lifestyle.

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Kunle Mejolagbe, better known by his artistic identity Kunle Major-Abikeyin is a Nigerian musician and producer, record label owner and YouTube Artistes and Lyrics show host currently based in Canada. Kunle Mejolagbe continues to empower audiences under the purview of Abikeyin Classic Productions and Artistes and Lyrics show initiative.

“When I write songs, it comes like a drop of water into my mind. The song would automatically sing itself out from within me. It’s strange though. As I continued to develop, I got ability to create something out of what I see or read about happenings around me,” says the artist regarding his music.


Abikeyin Classic Productions
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