Scintillating Classical And Rock Music: Doc Snow Releases Music That Connects With The Hearts and Minds Of The Audience.

This consortium of music is best known for being experimental with a sophisticated power-cutting edge.

Camden, SC — October 27th, 2022- Doc Snow is an up-and-coming artist whose out-of-the-box creations dance right over the ordinary boundaries the music industry tries to maintain. The tunes on his newest album, Damage, bring together rock, classical, folk, jazz and even avant-garde sounds in a stunning synthesis.  Call it ‘experimental’ if you must, but Doc’s genuine love for each genre shines through.

For all the experimental verve of the music, though, it’s the eclectic star’s lyrics that give us the struggles of real people.  Inspired by fellow Canadian Leonard Cohen, Doc explores people’s life challenges and triumphs. The beautiful mid-tempo ballad  “October the 20th” retells an old family story of the first women to vote a small Ontario town; “The Wind Blows Free” examines the personal roots of public violence with compassion, though not approval; and the creepy “Aleatoric Blues” draws a portrait of a stressed worker confronting climate change in his own front yard.  It’s this quality that touches the souls of listeners, keeping them coming back for more.

Doc even puts a a mind-bending spin on Dylan with another standout track, “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35/Alle Menschen”–an electronica-meets-choral-style fantasia mashing up the proto-alt-rock classic with a Lutheran chorale tune once harmonized by J.S. Bach.   This is the sheer, and utterly surprising, musical mastery for which Doc is becoming known.  Barring a couple of guest spots–(Karen Peter’s viola on “October the 20th” and co-writer Deb Matherly’s backing vocals on the country-tinged “Ticked Right Off”) Damage is a DIY project through and through, with Doc multi-tracking horns, vocals, and guitars on top of the electronic stylings for sometimes lush, sometimes edgy full-band arrangements.

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Doc Snow calls himself the “ultimate inside outsider”–an individual who explored his music with grit and diligence. He stepped into the limelight with his debut album, Carolina Maze, in September 2020. He says his style is “the fruit of a lifetime of bands, gigs, day jobs, inspirations, choirs, schools, musical heroes, studios and students, heartaches, orchestras, tech, and tours”–to which we’d add “talent.” Now his sophomore album Damage builds on that, delivering a collection transcending genre–it’s music made purely on own its terms!


Doc Snow
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