Jesse O. Johnson: Never Give Up

jesse-o-johnson-never-give-up-reviewJesse O. Johnson’s “Never Give Up” is an album overflowing with a mixture of blues, R&B and gospel. He takes all those elements and churns them together to create a sound that’s as smooth as butter. “Love Over Here” has a smooth flow as the music comes through like a laid back night out on the town. The title track, “Never Give Up” has an old upbeat blues feel that doesn’t quit in this song that’s a true affirmation to live by. With “Lazy Bones” you get a more modern sound, it’s kind of funky while “Do You Remember” also has an almost ’80s feel to it. What you expect from “Get On Up” is definitely there. It’s upbeat and fun while “A Man Named Jesse” comes at you in a way that’s comforting. It’s like a warm blanket on a winter’s day. If you’re a fan of the man All Greene or Frankie Beverly, you have to check out this Georgian Jesse O. Johnson and his album “Never Give Up” now. (