Exciting Latin and Salsa Fusions: Coco Garcia Unveils Fresh New Album

Through rich and sensational Salsa music, Coco Garcia is soaring to new heights and fortifying his position as an unrivalled rising artist in the genre, with enriching new album ‘Salsa Eros’

Salt Lake City, Utah – March 26th , 2021 –  Up-and-coming singer and songwriter, Coco Garcia is all set to become the finest addition to Salsa music, as he continues to craft and release exciting and tantalizing musical compositions. Having released on March 26th, 2021, his beautiful album titled ‘Salsa Eros’ is the perfect mix of sensual and striking musical score and vocalization.

Having worked with the icons of Salsa music from Colombia to Venezuela, such as Robert Vilera, who was the recording artist for legends such as March Anthony and Luis Enrique, Coco Garcia is now breaking all barriers. Showcasing his own brilliance through the fresh and much-awaited new album ‘Salsa Eros’, Coco Garcia is slated to become a fan favorite.

Imbuing his lyrics with a strong sense of inspiration, Coco Garcia stands out as a musician who is creating compositions that are both fun-filled and soulful. Imparting important messages of love, life and optimism, Coco Garcia hopes that the new album will be a relatable and intimate new mix for people to vibe along to. With a beautiful mix of Original music and cover songs, Coco Garcia is hoping to innovate Salsa music with a much-needed contemporary touch, to enliven fans of the genre.

The budding singer and songwriter has been inspired by icons of Salsa music and has worked to perfect and experiment his tastes and sensibilities, working with top-tier musicians and percussionists to imbue his music with professional sounds. Composing his music with precision and engraving them with fresh and uplifting messages, Coco Garcia wishes to become the next biggest addition to the Salsa music scene.





Coco Garcia was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela and began his foray into music at the young age of 7, performing alongside his father Eligio Garcia, who was himself a Venezuelan harpist. Growing up around a musical family, Garcia found Salsa to be his passion, and began perfecting his own vocals and compositions.

Garcia was later invited to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1995 to play for The Living Tradition Festival with his musical group ‘Venezuela Cantando’. This opened doors for him, and he later also joined Salsa Brava, a top Latin music band in Salt Lake City.

Coco Garcia went on to perform and tour several states and shared the stage with icons such as Maelo Ruiz, Poncho Sanchez, Guianko and others. He has also recorded for Konami Studio, featuring his single “La Receta” in their video game and has also performed with Gloria Estefan in the 2002 Winter Olympics ceremonies, among other icons of Latin music. The budding singer is now looking forward to showcasing his own unique talents.




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