Connecting Hearts and Souls through Stirring Pop, Hip Hop and R&B Music: Rising Artist Plight Intellect Brings Inspiration from The Mind of Plight

Emanating a unique characteristic vibe, imbued within his rich and dynamic Hip Hop and R&B musical compositions, growing artist Plight Intellect is driven to become the biggest breakthrough artist in the industry.

Lusaka, Zambia  – August 6th ,2021 – A talented singer-songwriter, Plight Intellect has already gotten 4 stirring singles to his name, including the single “You”, which was complemented by a captivating visualizer as well. The artist’s single “You Should Know” also manifested a rich rhythmic mix of vocal genius and lyricism, all delivered seamlessly through a music video.

Having worked with an award-winning producer in the country, the Zambia-based artist dropped his first record in September of 2020, beginning a stunning voyage towards success. Using relatable and memorable themes and rhythms, Plight Intellect’s music offers a unique mix, that speaks to the soul, talks of real-life situations and experiences, and offers listeners with a form of catharsis. His singles, “Changes” and “Be with You” also manifest a healing and soothing effect, immersing listeners in a whole different dimension, divorced from the pressures of emotional stress experienced in life.

With his dynamic and varied fusions of music, Plight Intellect aims to do more than just display his craft- his music represents a strong and burning desire to be complete, to have purpose and to relate to the things around us and our loved ones. After releasing 4 memorable and captivating singles, the artist is currently looking forward to working on international collaborations, working with rising icons such as Emtee from South Africa. Channeling his styles and talents by collaborating with growing names from Africa and beyond, Plight Intellect is driven to rise.

“The desire is to make music that can resonate with most people and speak the language all can relate to and be in unison with!” says the artist regarding his unique musical compositions.

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A budding name in the world of music, Plight Intellect is a Zambian singer and song writer. Initially involved as a part of a tech brand, developing customized systems and IT related services, Plight Intellect was always immersed in a burning passion for art and music. In the face of his loved ones facing crippling issues in life, the artist decided to use his talents to offer moral support and to let them know of a channel to express themselves and cope through the gift of music.

Considering music to be a form of therapy for himself, Plight Intellect currently aims to use his music to heal listeners from the bustle and hustle of this world, reaching out to listeners through his compositions. Since releasing his debut single in September 2020, Plight Intellect hopes to continue inspiring people through soul-stirring music.



Name: Plight Intellect
Email Address: [email protected]
Business Address:
Gingseng Close, Chelston Green
Salama Park
Lusaka, Lusaka 10101