Conor Kearns Does it For Love

There are few things that one cannot bare to turn down; pictures of cats on the internet, free food and a cute love song. This is where we cue in Conor Kearns. He is a singer songwriter who does his best to compete with the growing number of cat memes on the web, with his style of thought out pop music that is less Justin Bieber and more Jason Mraz. Love, or at least the idea of, is the fuel to Conor Kearns fire. All the songs I have gotten a chance to hear tell that tale. Mraz came to mind when Papercut started because it felt beachy and gave off an airy tone. It was a sweet song, as was Pretty Much. This one reminded me of a male Taylor Swift due to the content of them. The last of the trio was Breaking Hearts By Breakfast and I just thought, man, that is a great title and the after the song was over and done, the whole song. (