Latin Flair and Funk from Drinking with Clowns

Latin Flair and Funk from Drinking with ClownsWith a sensational Latin flair, Reno’s Drinking with Clowns are pumping out a funky brand of reggae which keeps the people coming back for more. Laid back like a day at the beach and as spicy as a habanero pepper, the impeccable four piece unit demonstrates their clear cut intuition for genre blending, infectious music during each and every song.

Tracks like “It’s All Good” or “Dame Funk” deliver a chilled-out, mellow vibe, while “Fine Girl” borders on a funk-hip hop fusion song as the band continues to exhibit their versatility. Sung in a mix of Spanish, English, and Spanglish, Drinking with Clowns’ music is your next soundtrack to those hazy Saturday afternoons and warm summer days.