Conversion to Provide Ukraine a Forever Easter Candle

Band To Contribute 50% of all American Easter Proceeds…Forever

Arvada, CO —April 17, 2022 – In a small town that used to be a sleepy suburb of Denver, Arvada, a studio band that was formed in 2007, Conversion, is now stepping out to not only promote their multiple award-winning Easter song, An American Easter (The Joy of Mary M) but to provide 50% of all sales proceeds — forever — to the people of Ukraine to help re-build their lives and their country, which will take many years if not decades.

According to Frank Harritt, MBA, the band’s founder and rhythm guitarist/songwriter, “While there are many ways to help Ukraine, we wanted to help in a more permanent, on-going way, so we thought that donating sales proceeds would benefit Ukraine as long as our music is selling.” And Easter 2022 seemed to be the ideal time for an Easter fundraiser, to be yet another way to show how much Americans care for those who suffer.

Conversion’s most-awarded single, An American Easter (The Joy of Mary M), is about Easter’s most famous woman, Mary Magdalene, and the full range of emotions she experienced on Easter morning, from curiosity to elation to reflection — all in just three minutes and twenty-six seconds. An American Easter has won multiple national and international recognitions, including: Winner, Vox Pop/Fans’ Choice Award at the 2018 Independent Music Awards, Bluegrass Song Category; 2019 Finalist, Instrumental Category, The Great American Song Contest; and Semi-Finalist, Instrumental Category, at the 2020 International Songwriting Competition. Available at Amazon Music, iTunes, and all major digital music distributors, An American Easter (The Joy of Mary M) was originally produced in Arvada in 2018.

As a studio band that includes a wide range of veteran rock, blues, and bluegrass professionals such as lead singer Dr. Jack Moss, lead guitarist JD Hash, and drummer Roman Palomino, Conversion dispels the notion that all great music comes from the young.  “We’re all seniors, pretty much,” says Dr. Moss, “but that doesn’t stop us from doing what we can.”




Conversion, a Christian Rockabilly band, known informally as The Colorado Band with The Carolina Roots, was formed in 2007 as a part-time studio band in Arvada, CO, a suburb of Denver. While all members of the band have full-time jobs, the band has earned a long string of national and international songwriting awards as well as a #3 single on the USA Christmas Music charts, Christmastime In Caroline. The simple mission of Conversion is to bring the message of God’s Love and Mercy to all peoples of the world, no exceptions!



Name: Frank Harritt
Address: 6360 Quail Street, Arvada, CO
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 303-931-9710




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