Corvaa – Zipper

Corvaa – Zipper –

There’s a lot of competition in the music industry these days when it comes to house (or trap) music. “Zipper” by Corvaa is the upbeat song you’d expect to hear at many popular late night dance clubs, so it can definitely hold its own against the rest. It immediately struck my attention from the very first beat, and once the lyrics joined the mix, I was hooked.

Before hearing “Zipper”, I hadn’t heard of Corvaa, and seeing as I have a new found interest in house/club music, I was enticed to check out more from this artist. I quickly discovered I was a big fan of Corvaa. I’ve grown tired of the repetitive nature of many of the styles I used to enjoy quite immensely, and Corvaa is a welcome addition to any of my new, fast tempo playlists. It’s refreshing to hear such talent exists outside of my “musicality comfort zone.”

Corvaa should also be happy to discover, after hearing all of their tracks, I will be recommending them to all of my friends, even those who don’t particularly enjoy this genre of music. I do, however, have a large group of friend who enjoy going out dancing, which I know would completely dig “Zipper”. I don’t frequent clubs very often these days, seeing as I’m getting older (32), and that phase of my life becomes less and less appealing to me. I work in the food service industry with a younger crowed, and I could see any one of them enjoying themselves to any of Corvaa’s tracks.

If I could give any constructive criticism, or advice, it would be on one of the repeated lyrics during the main chorus. When she says “Pull my zipper, shut the lights.”, I wish the lyrics would have been “Pull my zipper, shut out the lights.” The reason I say this, is because shutting the lights doesn’t grammatically make sense. When I think of something shutting, I think of a door or window. Adding the word “out” would have perfected the song for me. I do understand these are song lyrics, and they don’t always follow a grammatically correct structure. I’m a touch retentive when it comes to sentence structure, and I find incorrect usage to be one of my many pet peeves. I’m aware not everyone shares my same “OCD” issues, especially with music. All in all, this isn’t something to keep me from enjoying Corvaa’s music, just a minor critique to let the artist know it was a small problem for me.

So, if you’re out for a wild night on the town, I would very highly recommend “Zipper” by Corvaa. House music is a staple in America’s nightlife scene, and this track should be a welcome addition. I would also recommend Corvaa for any intense workout sessions, or if you’re just looking for something fun and energetic to put a kick in your step. Keep up the great music, and I’m looking forward to hearing much more from Corvaa in the future.

Rating: 9/10


Jason Jones