Corinne Cook’s Dressed Up for Goodbye

Corinne Cook’s Dressed Up for Goodbye


Corinne Cook’s Dressed Up for Goodbye is a great collection of songs that reflect different phases of anyone’s uncertain love life. Many of its tracks are written by The Warren Brothers, who have co-written hits for several country greats. Each song has a cosy grip on you and when you listen closely, makes you feel like you have been in a similar place far too many times. The album has a song for every emotion and mood, from irrevocable love, passion, crush, heartbreaks, to undeniable pain. Cook’s vocals, too, are the perfect medium to tell these stories, and make you feel a part of the ride.

Little Miss Understanding is a regular country song with a bit of a fun modern-ish pop thrown into the mix. The tune is quite catchy while the lyrics sound like a lazy drawl. Dirty Little Secret resembles Picture to Burn (by Taylor Swift) on so many levels. She raves about the offensive fling they have and how she can’t take any more of it. Turning Off the World is all about loving yourself and taking a break from daily routine; I liked the spunk in the song as it reminded me of my own life. The pressing necessity of “me-time” in this lovely song is highlighted through Cook’s breezy vocals.

Who mostly involves small-town solitude and small-town inflicted ponderings and hopes. The combination of sensible words and the mellow music leaves you in a soothing zone. Dressed Up for Goodbye falls into a heart-wrenching pace; a simple song for break-ups, moving on and holding onto your strength to get through it. Again, the lyrics were the only downside to the song as it ends on a clichéd note. I Don’t is an emotionally intact tryst with eternal and undying love. It feels like a beautiful promise written in the form of a song.

He Loves Her Like Crazy meanders into an almost hypnotic pattern. It somehow reminds me of Taylor Swift’s Mary’s Song and I honestly don’t know why. But it takes on that mellow and lazy route, making you sway fondly. Fall Apart allows the title to speak for itself; it leans towards patching up wounds, bracing yourself for something better just by having your heart broken several times.

Lord Have Mercy focuses on the empowerment she seeks, a plea to fight harder and to fight back (in life), whereas, Long Before Goodbye gushes about partings, lost love and a longing for a second chance. The Cowboy Song feels like an other-worldly dream sequence. The singer’s vocals make you feel like she could have almost had something that she wished for.

Cook has created a marvellous feel-good album that depicts a journey that you would not want to miss out on. The funky tune mashed up with a generous serving of country goodness is a definite yes from my side. Listen to it, lay back, close your eyes and let your mind fill with the beautiful imagery of the songs.

Overall rating: 7/10


Michael Drake