Cosimo Schena Showcases Heart With ‘Vivo Di Te’

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Brindisi, Italy – November 26, 2019 – A poet, philosopher, priest, and musician. There simply is nothing Cosimo Schena cannot do when he sets his mind to it. So when he set out to embark on his 2019 debut, no one was surprised by the beautiful compositions created and brought to life on ‘Vivo di te.”

‘Vivo di te” was a true labor of love. 10 songs deep, each showcasing heartfelt and admirable songs that capture audiences within seconds. Songs such as “Spero le nuvole” and “Ci prenderemo per mano” take the whole album to new heights as does Cosimo Schena’s collaborations throughout with several national and international musicians who were “in love with his unique and unmistakable timbre.”

Cosimo Schena started his life studying computer engineering in the late ’90s, but by 2001 he started his journey towards a higher power. Within eight years he was an ordained priest. With that came a love of philosophy and writing, which then led him to received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Pontifical Lateran University on the subject of totalitarianism and mysticism in the French philosopher Simone Weil. Since then he’s published a couple of collections of poetry, and of course, began his next chapter in music with the release of ‘Vivo di ti.’

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Cosimo Schena delivers both Spanish and Italian gems on 2019’s ‘Vivo di te,’ available now.

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