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San Marcos, Texas – July 11, 2020 – A metal artist with a meditational side, Count Drawko has found a way to express himself on two plains and does so with ease. To date, he has released several metal albums and a half a dozen meditational albums. His latest album, ‘Envision,’ completes the trilogy started by ‘Zia’ a couple of years ago. While everyone has an idea of what the mediational genre contains, Count Drawko has breathed new life into it, allowing for a more universal meaning of the genre to rise to the surface. ‘Envision’ and the rest of Count Drawko’s releases are all available on Amazon and YouTube now. 

Heavily inspired by the source of creation and the forces of nature, Count Drawko has poured every ounce of himself into every release to date and has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He spent the early part of his career in bands, but after growing frustrated he decided to head down the solo route and has never regretted that decision as he is in the driver’s seat. This Jack of all trades handles everything from songwriting to composition to the final details in his private studio. That includes his upcoming eighth metal album ‘Good Evil, as well as his latest mediational release, ‘Envision.’

‘Envision’ features a myriad of wondrous sounds, including those from nature. Animal sounds have always inspired Count Drawko and with this album, he utilized the howling of wolves in “Sapphire.” “I appreciate the beauty of nature. I work to keep a balanced perspective and count my blessings,” he notes. “Sapphire” is accompanied by seven other tracks including “Destiny” and “Perpetual.” 

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