Creating Comfort Music and Rhythmic Tunes Effortlessly: Up-and-Coming Singer ‘Marcelus the Artist’ Is Set to Give His Rivals a Run for Their Money with New Music

Tony M Baines looks to become a promising artist who is rising rapidly, and is making heads turn with his brilliant rap compositions, early on in his budding career.

Glendale, California- October 29th, 2021- Perhaps the most difficult genre of music to make a name in is rap. Typically, well-known rappers come from underprivileged neighborhoods and have to consistently struggle and strive to get noticed. Marcelus, who is also known as Tony M. Baines, has certainly caught the attention of rap critics and fans around the country, and is starting to get recognition as a rising artist because of his compositions.

Tony M Baines truly believes that his career is just starting- that his music is just the beginning of something much more promising that is yet to come. Championing rhythmic beats and catchy tunes, Marcelus raps with the conviction of a seasoned artist.

Building onto his own unique and characteristic imprint in Rap and Hip Hop, the eclectic artist brings with himself a certain calm and tranquility to Rap music. This vibrant and unique style is something which is quite unheard of in the industry, and that is what makes him so unique. Marcelus also makes a conscious effort to not make his songs explicit as he wants to espouse a ‘harmless approach’ towards music, and life in general.

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Tony M Baines, who goes by his artistic name ‘Marcelus’, is a rapidly rising rapper from Glendale California, who aims to make music that can be understood and related to from the coziness of the listener’s house.

What distinguishes Marcelus from other rappers, especially in the modern era, is his effortless approach towards rap music, and the fact that his work is always poignant and intellectually stimulating. Bringing a semblance of serenity and sensory richness through lyricism and songwriting, Marcelus hopes to reach the top of the ranks and build for himself a formidable career in Rap.


Name: Tony M Baines
Address: 333 E Fairview Ave, Apt 105, Glendale, CA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 3107762793


Source: ArtistPR