Creating Compelling Fusions of Dance, Pop, R&B, and Soul- Harold Thomas Stuns Audiences with New Single

Harold Thomas, also known as HtUnCut, creates a captivating musical experience with his electrifying new release “Chemistry”

Detroit, Michigan — August 22nd, 2023 –A sonic journey that transcends genres, HtUnCut’s latest single-“Chemistry” is here to groove its way into the hearts of music enthusiasts. Combining the irresistible charm of dance, pop, R&B, and soul, Harold Thomas, known by his stage name HtUnCut, has released a mesmerizing new single that promises to stun listeners with its infectious beats and soulful melodies.

A scintillating single- complete with relatable and memorable lyricism as well as music that resonates with audiences- “Chemistry” has already garnered over 440,000+ streams on Spotify alone- propelling the talented artist to new heights!

HtUnCut’s newest musical offering is a display of his unique creative prowess, with each note resonating a deep connection to his life experiences. Composed entirely by Harold himself, the single boasts a melodic landscape that fuses seamlessly with its emotive lyrics.

The pulsating, dance-infused rhythms blend harmoniously with the catchy pop hooks, underlined by the artist’s soulful vocal delivery. The result is a track that not only sparks movement on the dance floor but also touches the core of emotions, echoing the essence of R&B and soul music.

With “Chemistry”, HtUnCut showcases his versatility as an artist, capturing various musical dimensions with finesse. The exciting new drop adds to a discography that includes other stunning singles such as: “Your Loves’ Hipnotic” and “Mama I Owe It All to You,” with the latter amassing over 15,000+ streams.

Stream Harold Thomas’ captivating single “Chemistry” as well as his other music on Spotify, YouTube, and other official music streaming platforms! Follow the artist’s journey on social media and reach out through his email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.




Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, multi-genre musical prodigy Harold Thomas began his music endeavor when he sang his first note when he came to this world, and the doctor “hit him hard like a C note.” While in first grade, the talented artist played clarinet until sixth grade and grew an interest in learning the saxophone and gradually started playing every instrument that interested him greatly. He went on to learn instruments such as Keyboards, Drums, Bass, Rhythm guitar, as well as Harmonica.

Alongside stunning audiences with his singing, songwriting, and composing talents, Harold’s area of expertise is also performance and live entertaining! Engrossing listeners with his magnetizing performances, the artist has toured Canada, parts of Japan, and the US.

Taking first place at showtime at the Apollo in Harlem in New York, the seasoned artist also has a plaque on the wall for being the Top Dog for 1992. Harold is always passionate about learning new things about music and is grateful to God for giving him the opportunities and inspiration to keep learning. With the recent success of his original single- “Chemistry”- Harold Thomas is driven to inspire, excite, and captivate audiences with his brilliance!


Harold Thomas aka HtUnCut
Name: Harold Thomas
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