Creating Magic with Stunning and Award-Winning Pop Music: Presenting to the World Ali Pahlavan

With stunning and splendid vocal spirit and strong, soulful lyricism, Ali Pahlavan is a true force to be reckoned within the industry as he prepares to conquer with exciting and stunning musical compositions.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia  –  February 19th , 2021 – An up-and-coming artist and musician, Ali Pahlavan is a true and authentic force in the industry of Pop, creating soulful and relatable tracks that truly encapsulate his iconic spirit and artistic genius in the genre.

Ali Pahlavan is no stranger when it comes to being awarded accolades for his brilliance and musical spirit, with his 2018 hit single titled “Naab” also being selected as the winning choice for the People’s Choice Award of the International Songwriting Competition. Ali was also able to reach the Semi-Finals of the Music City SongStar and of the Unsigned Only songwriting competition in the category of “World Music”.

A splendid marvel when it comes to World Music curated in rich and characteristic Persian style, Ali brings about a much-needed soul and character to Pop music. Ali also wrote and performed an instrumental titled “Veg Out” for a music library and a Trailer music titled “Knuck” which is today being represented by a major US label called “Music of the Sea”, which highlights Ali’s artistic journey and true artistic masterful spirit. Ali Pahlavan’s first English song performed by Vanessa Steele was released in 2020 and has already met great critical reviews, been shortlisted for a sync placement.

Ali Pahlavan’s stunning latest release titled “Khiale To” released on 25th January 2021 is on the route to become a household favorite, as he continues his streak of being a genius in the genre. Ali has currently released 6 albums as part of the Arian Band and 6 singles released solo independently.





Ali Pahlavan is an award-winning Australian-Iranian singer and songwriter. Pop music was banned in Iran after the 1979 revolution for 10 years, and it was only in 1999 that Ali gained the liberty of founding the country’s first mixed gender pop band -The Arian Band.
The band became very successful but at the same time faced a lot of challenges from the religious hardliners because of their western music style and stage work that involved women. As part of the Arian band, Ali released 6 albums and sold millions of records nationally. His band also performed more than 400 gigs in Iran and around the world, soaring to success and getting a great platform to showcase their remarkable talents. However, due to a complicated process which involved him releasing a song and requiring a mandated permission from Iran’s Ministry of Culture, Ali had to switch to his main profession putting aside his musical talents and working in Project Management. Today, back into the musical industry, creating memorable and stunning compositions, Ali Pahlavan is set to soar and improve.



Name: Ali Pahlavan
Email: [email protected]