Creating Ripples in The World of Hip-Hop: CODE GAME COSI Releases Ambitious New Single

Making a name for yourself in the unforgiving world of Hip Hop isn’t the hardest part, maintaining it is – and CODE GAME COSI does just that with his newest single “Opps”. Reinventing Saran Rap for the masses, CODE GAME COSI continues to make big leaps in his music career.

Atlanta, GA – April 9th, 2021 – An up-and-coming artist/songwriter, performer Justin L Bryant, known by his artistic name CODE GAME COSI, is creating a shuffle in the ranks of the world of Hip Hop with his fresh new single “OPPS”.  With his signature style known as “Saran Rap”  a methodic blend between Atlanta Trap and Original Drill Music, the new single showcases CODE GAME COSI revitalizing and revolutionizing the musical scene. After signing himself to his label Track Season Entertainment in 2010, Cosi has burst onto the scene in spectacular fashion by releasing music under his imprint and is currently one of the forerunners in redefining the hip-hop genre, and his new single “Opps” is proof of just that.

“Opps” is fresh and revolutionary and also serves as a bold statement regarding the type of music we can expect from CODE GAME COSI. He somehow creates and establishes Saran Rap as the new hype in Hip Hop using his sheer brilliance.

The rising new artist believes in hard work paying off and also firmly endorses the idea that the hustle and grind can take one to great heights, much like the heights achieved by “Opps”.

CODE GAME COSI wishes to continue his growth within the music and entertainment industry as an artist, businessman and CEO. His music has a breath of uniqueness to it primarily because of the stellar hooks within the songs making them what CODE GAME COSI calls “club enthused anthems”.

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Up-and-coming singer and songwriter CODE GAME COSI is a bright talent from whom we can expect “Saran Rap” an amazing fusion between his hometown’s Atlanta Trap and original Drill music. Complemented by remarkable lyricism and vivid instrumentals, the budding artist is on the right path towards success in the ever-changing world of Trap and Hip Hop.

The influence of his hometown Atlanta is quite significant and obvious to new listeners particularly because of his southern drawl and usage of Atlanta lingo. CODE GAME COSI’s  “Saran Rap”style can best be described as being a transition from what he calls “Trappin to Pluggin”. Being a creative artist and an extraordinary songwriter who has previously written for many major artists in the Hip Hop and R&B industry, it is not surprising to see that CODE GAME COSI’s “Opps” has been the roaring success that it has been. A promising career awaits the rising new artist, and his fans certainly have a lot to anticipate.




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