Creating Unprecedented Waves in The World of Hip Hop: Up-And-Coming Artist CEO9ELEVEN Is All Set to Make A Scene in the Industry

Breaking into the world of Hip Hop and Rap, CEO9ELEVEN is ready to make a name for himself, as he continues to enthrall and inspire with soulful lyricism and songwriting that is both inspiring and motivating.

Tulsa, Oklahoma – 23rd April 2021 – A rising talent in the sphere of Rap and Hip Hop and (all that lies in between), budding singer and songwriter CEO9ELEVEN is quickly becoming the talk of the town. CEO9ELEVEN has certainly caught the attention of the masses and is making big leaps in his career early on. Sending waves in the genres of Hip Hop and Rap, CEO9ELEVEN believes his music is unique because he makes it personal by writing about real events in his life and how he got through them. He aspires to write music that elevates the passion of anyone who listens to it and his captivating storytelling gives his audience the chance to empathize with him.

CEO9ELEVEN considers his kids and family to be his utmost motivation in his goal to become an icon for the youth. As an up-and-coming artist, CEO9ELEVEN stresses on the importance of working hard despite not getting immediate results and creating songs that are beyond the conventional scope of sex, drugs, and money. His singles ‘CHAMPION‘, ‘SCORCHING HOT‘ and ‘NO LIES‘ are a testament to his purpose.

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Darrell Morris, who goes by his artistic name CEO9ELEVEN, is a rising star from the Westside of Chicago who started doing music at the age of 15. The first real track he did was with rising artist ‘Lunatic the Messiah’. He continued his music journey in Chicago until 2002 when he decided to move to Iowa where he formed a musical group called ‘456 FMG’. He has also had the chance to work with an award-winning producer out of Nigeria (AKODAZ) on one of his singles titled ‘NO TIME’.



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