Curating Different Sonic Approaches – Philip Lentz’s New Album Echoes a Diversity Only Few Can Master

Invigorating several genres into a clever mix, stunning New York-based composer and pianist turns the streaming world around by his inventive musical ethos

NYC, NY — Having dropped for audiences on September 28th, ‘Phil Lentz Presents…’ is an 11-track long bliss by Philip Lentz for audiences of all ages to revel in. The admirable new album features a killer composition by the artist himself, along with a band and guitarists who continually complement the originality the album preludes.

The brilliant new record is simply a build-up of an array of indispensable moments. Starting off, ‘Phil Lentz Presents…’ surrounds audiences with a jolting vibrancy and beats that indicate an unexpected but rising energy.

Easing audiences into his colorful arena, Philip Lentz new record features a kinetic harmonization of production, and the mix genre-infused bridges etch themselves into listeners’ minds from the get-go. The record’s electric combination of divergent songs continues to diversify with acoustic guitar and elements of Pop and Jazz, underscoring the multifarious range that Philip Lentz can embody.

The atmosphere on ‘Phil Lentz Presents…”, however, only peaks in certain moments when all production breaks and the song morphs into moments of Soft Rock and Gospel, whirring the production out of its softcore melancholy a.

Harte on guitar, Red Heller on the saxophone, Wolfgang Lugomarsini on the bass, Kevin Gaffney on the drums and Lentz himself on the keyboard are the collective masterminds that curate the artistry behind the record. It is their combined effort making each track so addictively hummable and memorable. Tracks such as, ‘Tap your Toes’ make sure that the audience feels teleported into an arena of Dance amidst a blend of acoustic and jazz rhythms.

As the album progresses, Philip Lentz lets his listeners know they are plugging their listening stations to a constantly shifting, unexpected and yet stunningly clear musical experience. His entrancing voice and tempo driven grace are bound to pave a way forward for him. One that goes far beyond his previous successes of performing in workshops and pubs and bolts him towards the bigger stages of arenas and festivals.

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Philip Lentz is a dedicated and creative composer, pianist, and jazz artist who is based in New York City. After going through complex career pathways that saw him in the roles of a journalist, novelist, political advisor, and speechwriter, Philip Lentz turned to music and is currently playing in jazz workshops.

Known for performing in Manhattan at the Bitter End, the Cutting Room and Birdland Kitano’s, the versatile artist most recently put his step forward into releasing a full-length LP “Phil Lentz Presents…” with 11 songs produced and written by mostly his independent self.


Philip Lentz
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