Darren Keith Abraham’s Country Twist

Darren Keith Abraham ReviewDarren Keith AbrahamDarren Keith Abraham is a Country artist with a few tricks up his sleeve. “Remember” is an upbeat ditty that really showcases a fun side of his artistry. It’s like a Country song got a AC makeover. “Alyssa” is a more rocking track from this artist. The growl he presents when he says her name makes you wish that was your moniker. You got a more pop feel right when “Sun’s Comin’ Out” started. His runs were Timberlake like. The Country is completely gone with “Elusive.” You won’t even recognize the boy you started out with if you listened in order. It had this very smooth, cool pop crooner vibe. If you like Country and/or pop then Darren Keith Abraham is the perfect artist for you so check him out now! (https://www.jango.com/music/Darren+Keith+Abraham?l=0)