Anomalous Leaf Experiments with the Ambient

Anomalous Leaf takes an experimental approach to music. “You Are Here” sounds celestial but one with nature. It’s like a night stargazing in the woods. Things get a little fast pace with “Meandering Pines.” Ironically this one doesn’t sound like the woodland space, but a more metropolitan area. You think “Last Dance” would be one to move to, not this one. It seems to be the last dance – ever; slow and to the end. You can do nothing but drift away to “Strophe Celeste” as it takes you on an out of body journey through time and space. While you’re floating away with that one, “Moment of First Explosion” pulls you back and “Hues Of Eventide” give you a little spook. Anomalous Leaf is all over the place with ambient ways and if you like music that’s void of lyrics but jam packed with emotion – check out Anomalous Leaf now. (