Darwin Gaitan Pops

Darwin Gaitan puts his spin on already made songs and drops a lot of pop culture references while doing it in his brand of Hip Hop. It is clear Darwin grew up in the 90s as he name drops Doug Funnie and Bugs Bunny in his rendition of Adeles Blockbuster hit, Skyfall. He also takes on Drakes Started From The Bottom, although we all know Drake started from Degrassi. That is another story for another day though. Drugs make a huge appearance in a couple tracks like D.R.U.G.S. where a whole lot are named and in Turnt where Mollys are mentioned. Darwin Gaitan is best for those who are his age because if you are not able to get the references, you might not appreciate the music. So if you like Drake and Wiz, check out Darwin Gaitan and all he has to offer. (https://soundcloud.com/darwin-gaitan)