Bill Hitchings’ Twang Was Meant to Sang

bill-hitchings-reviewBill Hitchings is a talented guitar player on top of a skilled songwriter who has mastered his ways and made Country music that’s a real treat. “I Could Get Used to This” is a true blue country song, and also an original treat from Bill Hitchings that’s strong and sassy. His vocals got that twang that was meant to sing. Then there’s another original, “You’re Beautiful (I Don’t Care).” It’s a love song about the natural state of love, a ballad for the romantics. “Heaven” sits somewhere between the two just mentioned. It’s not a full blown bar anthem like “I Could Get Used to This” and it’s not as ballad-like as “You’re Beautiful.” It actually could pass for a AC song ala the Goo Goo Dolls. So there you have it, Bill Hitchings. He’s a country boy whose weapon of choice is a guitar and sometimes he could sit and play you a song that’s comparable to AC radio. Make sure to check this talent house out. (

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