Niho Cranks Up the Heat

niho-d-rosas-reviewNiho was born in Cuba but currently resides in Houston, Texas. She may be a ways away from her homeland, but she hasn’t abandoned her roots. You can hear them loud and clear on her album D’ Rosas. “Si pudiera” has a lot of heart in it. Niho has that deep, sultry voice like Shakira in this one and stays true to her roots throughout with the wonderful guitar parts. “Catarsis” is an upbeat one compared to the last. It’s got a hint of sass, but still has this playful appeal to it. “Quiero,” I may not know what the song says as a whole, but I at least know the title and fans will definitely want more of this one. This one is really energetic and great. “Ayer” takes it down and gets emotional. It’s a beautiful song wonderfully executed. One would likely expect “Memorias” to be as heartfelt as the last, but nope — it has a very lively feel to it. If you’re into Latin pop, check out Niho. (