Bobby DiBlasio Channels the Past and Makes it the Present

Bobby-DiBlasio-reviewBobby DiBlasio is an artist with a very distinct voice in the music scene. He’s a man from New Jersey who channels his inner singer/songwriter to come across as a modern version of folk that’s unlike the kind you hear of Top 40 and more like the kind you heard back in the day. “Had No Business” is a traditional folk song in vein of Bob Dylan and the 70’s. It’s not that Americana vibe to it that’s not about the genre, but the idea of capturing the American man’s spirit. “Without a Care” follows that same idea and showcases Bobby DiBlasio’s songwriting ability very well. If you’re a fan of Dylan but like a more Mellancamp voice, check out Bobby DiBlasio sooner than later. He’s likely playing a local club so make sure to head out and see him. (