JaaJo Brings Dance to Paradise

jaajo-reviewJaaJo puts his upbringing in his music and you can hear that throughout in this very happy sounding dance tracks that sit in paradise. “Take Me Along” is an energetic song where you can hear JaaJo’s accent and it only adds to the delight. It’s impossible to be upset when listening to this song because the music really sings a happy note. “Afro Lady” is more slowed down, but still has a killer beat. It’s a love song in the form of a love song. “Hala Say” sits separate from the rest at first. It starts sounding like it’s going to go the more traditional R&B path, but them lightens up and sounds like the sound we’ve come to be familiar with when it comes to JaaJo’s music. If you’re into island sounding music that takes a modern spin, check out JaaJo. (https://myspace.com/eberejajo/music/songs)