Ian Rehxfei Spreads the Word

Ian Rehxfei ReviewIan Rehxfei wants to inspire the world with his sound, and he’s created some music to try and do just that. “Lost and Found” is where we start off and because of the electronic elements, one could hear this playing at a huge rave, or in the middle of the action at say – Burning Man. With “The Mystery of Love,” Ian takes more of a subtle approach to what he has to say and delivers a softer song. This was a little unexpected but the music playing with his voice in the background delivering messages of hope and whatnot – it’s soothing in a way. We head back into a more electronic vibe with “Rising Dusk” and take a ride on a New Wave train with “Golden Spiral.” All in all, Ian Rehxfei is an artist with a lot to offer in terms of sound. He doesn’t attach himself to one genre or another, but rather gives listeners the best sound possible with the message he’s trying to convey with each track. While that may be true, those who are into the more New Age realm of things will be the ones who feel the power of Ian Rehxfei more and should check him out now. (https://soundcloud.com/ian-rehxfei)