Get Ready to Pop with Christian D

Christian D ReviewComing from North Carolina, Christian D is ready to put his stamp on the music industry with his pop take on soul. “Heart Attack” takes its time to get into it, but once it does – it’s a good song to get lost in. He has a great set of pipes on him and they really shine throughout this track. As we move on and “Find Love Again” takes over, we get that long intro once again as a more tribal drum remixed into a modern way takes over. This would be great for a kickback but when it comes to radio – he has to get to the meat of the song quicker. Which he does more of in “Put Me to the Test,” while he covers “How Will I Know” perfectly and then lets us know with some funk that he loves to move with “Love Dancing.” If you’re a fan of the likes of Miguel, check out what Christian D is putting out today. (