Lucid L’illon

Lucid L’illonwritten by
Dylan Gallagher

So when I first heard of the term lucid pop, I had no idea what to think. The only connection I’ve had to lucidity was lucid dreaming—and let me tell you, be careful when you mess around with that! But back to lucid pop. What is it?

L’illon, the up and coming “lucid pop” artist, gives us the answer: “I like to look at lucid as something clear, brilliant without constraints. Meaning the lyrics are clear in their purpose, the sound is intense, the groove hits you, and the listener is drawn to feel and enjoy the music.” The raw emotion and intensity that makes up this type of music is what inspires L’illon. She has a slew of songs—over a baker’s dozen—and all of them stick to this particular sound.

Songs like “I Call Out To You” and “Love Story” have glitzy, glamorous synth sounds, pop beats, and fast-paced rhythms. L’illon’s voice is as clear as a bell and soft on the ears, making it easy to listen to her music. Her song “Warrior Angel” is a beautiful ballad with a wonderful piano section. It ends in an explosion of sound and music that really gets your gears turning.

I know that some of my favorite songs are about love and especially love-making. L’illon definitely doesn’t disappoint me in the “theme” department of her songs. L’illon’s lyrics all focus on love and passion. Some other songs you might want to check out are “Start Living,” “Navigate Me Home,” and “Smile Once More.”

Be on the look out for the lucid pop movement. It all starts here with L’illon and her new sound. To start chillin’ with L’illon, go here: