Era For A Moment…? Hopefully, It Last Longer-They Are A Great Band

Era For A Moment...? Hopefully, It Last Longer-They Are A Great BandAlthough there are so many rock bands with a female lead vocalist, people are still not used to the idea of females being able to keep up with the guys. Luckily, each generation and phase of music seems to be more accepting of females in rock and roll; more bands are allowing females to take the lead and its a wise decision if I do say so myself. Era For A Moment is a rock band with Shelby providing sweet vocals as her band mates Tim, Adam, and Matty provide the outstanding instrumentation.

The band is overall solid from their lyrics to the display of well arranged instruments. “The Fire,” intro is crazy as the song continues into abrasive drum beats and fast guitar licks. The lyrical content are extremely motivating and speaks of having the fire inside of you to push through your troubles “I know I can take this I don’t have to fake this.” The guitar intro to “Somebody’s Watching Me” is worth taking note of, they put a great spin on this classic song. It’s been totally revamped to perfection. Other notable tracks are “What If” and “Detach.”

You can check out their music here