CrowfieldThe fairly new rock band Crowfield has been through their share of ups and downs only to raise above them. They have released two albums and dedicate their most recent one to their ones whom the band claims to be best in the world

Of the new songs, it’s very hard to choose the stand out track. From listening to the album I can tell that the band put their heart and soul into their songs. I will say that “Somehow Someway” is a catchy, toe-tapper of tune about moving forward in life and finding out who you truly are. “What Did I Do,” is a mid-tempo love song about well figuring out what you did wrong to make the one you love turn away from you. Most of their songs switch it up a bit from toe-tapping to a ballad and it shows how versatile they are. They have a distinct sound that puts them ahead of the rest. Can’t wait to hear more.The musicianship is on point and the songs are both well written and produced

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