Aways Away

Aways AwaySome bands are great at combining various sub-genres of rock into their own cohesive sound. Aways Away is one of those bands. Coming from the great state of New York, a state that is never short of good music; the band can be best described a fusion of punk, indie, and good ol rock n roll. The four piece band composes of Evan (Vocals, Guitar), Joe (lead guitar), Silvano (bass), and Dana (drums). Their sound reminds me of great bands such as; Vampire Weekend and The Strokes.

I’m a sucker for any song that kicks off with the great deep sounds of the bass and their song “Word On The Street” does just that. In fact, the song takes it even further and allows for the bass to be the main instrument, it completely takes the lead. “Wake You” dark subject matter is very honest and in your face. It seems to deal with someone’s death and not being able to tell someone good bye. The ending chilling lyrics “will you save yourself for me?” is very haunting and will pierce you deeply.

Their music ranges from fun to serious, but all in all they;re a great band. Check them out here