The Young Royals Staying Loyal to Rock N Roll

The Young Royals Staying Loyal to Rock N RollSome people like to say that Rock N Roll is dead and has been taken over by Indie and Screamo music. Well, they’re wrong! The Young Royals are here to make sure that Rock N Roll continues to strive through today’s industry.

The rock song “Falling Off The Bone” could very well be the anthem of a life time. The straight forward song is to anyone who can’t appreciate what they have and take everything for granted. The chugs and epic guitar solo will make you want to pump your fist high in the air. The lyrics “you don’t have what you don’t have, you don’t want what you don’t got you’ve given it all away” are brutally honest.

“Sugar Blues,” remains me of a feel good summer song with its bouncy and sunny tune that combines well executed guitar reverb sound effect; while “Cut You Down To Size” remains me of Matchbox 20 or the early days of the Eagles’ with its smooth vocals and slick guitars. Whether you like hard hitting Rock N Roll or not this band rocks it hard and their is no denying that. Check them out here