Elle Casazza drops new LP

Elle Casazza drops new LP

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ellecasazza

Elle Casazza is a Chicago based singer-songwriter who is adding a fascinating live element into her pop music which includes a mix of popular genres in the 60’s and 70’s. Elle’s eclectic lyrical style has been considerably influenced by classic artists such as Amy Winehouse, No Doubt, Stevie Wonder and Queen. On her album Proof, her voice can also be detected back to Anita Baker and others classic soul and jazz singers. This has some great songs but a lot more to explore than the usual pop parameters suggest. It might even go a step beyond what is needed to succeed in that arena which is often more limited than diverse to the degree it brings. Maybe not to the extent everyone is willing to detect, but if not it’s just as easy to call it smart pop rock and soul, combined with jazz inclinations. And that’s where it can lose classification, but so what. Everything checks out into one within all.

She wastes no time kicking off with “Hey” to establish the pop side of her vocal prowess. But it doesn’t contain full-on pop to the extent that would limit her capabilities. It goes all over the place instead. One thing that continues to resonate throughout the album, is her overall tone that can easily switch from jazz to pop and rock. There are even soul and R&B fused in which, are impossible to notice. This is a fine opening to everything she’s bringing and it’s all wrapped into one gem. The only song that tops it will get a mention as this review comes to it. But not before pointing out some highs and lows. “Save Me” is a lighter, but somehow less poppy track, with a very reminiscent of No Doubt shining through in the horn section which is big and beefy sounding. This rush of delight can be found throughout two thirds of the album, at the bare minimum. “Too Bad” is one of the only examples that swing between the two speeds. It’s also has the most island like music vibes with reggae drums, guitar, keyboards and harmonica to spice it up. It has revengeful lyrics but also an up-beat factor that balances it out.

“You” is a remarkable track, an effort that stands above all to these ears. There is a warming message delivered on this, which hangs above all others on the album. A track that reveals vulnerability and love. Among the rest of the tracks, they each deliver honesty and meanings that come from the heart. All being very good, by what is a very good artist worth exposing. But in more ways than one for any female pop artist. Each song brings direct attention to the artist and the rest follow, telling a musical tale. There is so much more going on that earns memorable and praised marks based on the sheer talents of Elle’s writing, singing and each instrumentalist playing on all counts.

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Todd Bauer