Marc Daniels – “Redheads”

Marc Daniels – “Redheads”


Breaking into the country-rock music scene in 2016, Marc Daniels debuted artistry as well as, his musical and emotional depth that he infuses into his songs. Marc Daniels started his music career in the rural surroundings of Spokane, WA where he grew up in a family of very talented singers and musicians. Understanding the importance and value of music, Marc was enrolled in piano lessons in elementary school which he proceeded to take through high school. Marc drew much of his inspiration from bands ranging in various rock and country genres such as Def Leppard, Pink Floyd, Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks.

It wasn’t until his early twenties that he began taking on a more active role as a singer and front man for several bands in the Pacific Northwest. Now he’s down the west coast and singing about life he lived up north, and “Redheads” are what this little story is about. There are ups and downs to it, but none really to take away from the song. You might not even get a chance to see the video, but it’s recommended viewing if that sort of thing is even something the country rockers are looking for. The album The Starting Line is probably the best way to begin, with this track being an enticing teaser. First-of-all, if you don’t like sexy, scantily clad women. Not to mention those particularly of the red head persuasion, then this video is not for you. But it’s a hard call finding anyone that isn’t curious to some degree, about visualizing this title. It’s almost inevitable that a video would come easy here, but it’s not what you’re thinking, if you’ve already seen it you know that. You can’t give away a video because it will spoil the fun, but you can reveal certain things to justify it. Like just saying that it’s worth seeing. This is either complicated, or just plain and simple.

The read headed stigma is infamous for being strongly independent and fiery, but he doesn’t go into any genetic factors. He’s mostly fixated on looks, and makes no secret of it, but does tackle a couple of indicators. And not everyone is going to pick up on it, but if you follow the lyrics it’s clear enough that they’re only one aspect of the song. The video takes on another life, a life to keep to its medium if you’re listening to it on CD, where it gets the most mileage. Marc Daniels gets more mileage by being heard as well. Tracks like “How We Roll” have proven to work without producing a video like this, just to give one example.

If you get down to the nitty gritty, no video can completely define a song, and we don’t know if that’s the intention here or not. But you can get a whole different impression of “Redheads” from watching it on this more or less humorous take of a single, than listening to it in any other capacity. It almost runs the risk of running a good thing, but by the time the video is over, you’ll see it from a different perspective and see that it takes nothing away from a great song, with a hard edge that comes with textures that also don’t ruin it. This is a good thing.


Todd Bauer