Music That’s on Fire

Music That’s on Firewritten by
Dylan Gallagher

Lit Up is a metal band that formed in 2010. I guess calling them metal isn’t fair, as they are more of a hard rock/metal/thrash band. Their songs are fun, heavy, and carry a great tune. Lit Up seems to be making their way onto the music scene with their intense power chords and high-energy music. Vocalist Danny Comer and guitarist Tee jay Velorian started the band together with the intention of returning to the roots of rock and roll, and they have definitely made a valiant attempt. These rockin’ boys quickly brought in bassist Randy James and drummer Josh Lough, completing the Lit Up line-up. The four musicians play together like they’ve been doing it a long time, which points to their fluidity as a group. The ability to work together so well is something that up-and-coming artists and bands should strive to achieve.

Their songs are without a doubt head-bangers. What’s not to like about that? “Full Throttle” is a great, fast paced song about taking the world head on, and the aggressive solo has just enough intensity. The solo isn’t over the top, however, like the face-melting and often obnoxious guitar solos written by other metal bands. The intro chords to “Deadman Walking” are heavy, angry, and in-your-face. But this only makes you want to hear the rest of the song. The lyrics are typical of this style of music—angry words about lost souls, alcohol abuse, and women. The guitar hook for their song “Liquor and Pong” is pretty awesome, and that song is definitely my favorite in their catalogue. I can’t stop banging my head, guys! Does anyone have aspirin? You’ll need it when you’re done with Lit Up.

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