Get Enchanted by Mary Westlake

Get Enchanted by Mary Westlakewritten by
Dylan Gallagher

Mary Westlake plays folk music softly and sweetly, with great passion. Her voice is whimsical and angelic, and it reminds me of Feist’s beautiful, enchanting pipes. Her music can turn from happy, melodic songs to sad, melancholic folk tunes. In this ever growing music industry, Mary Westlake surely has to be climbing her way to the top because her music and her voice carry more panache than the average artist.

Her songs are all great representations of the folk genre. It’d be worth your time to lend her your ear. The song “Red” has soft, acoustic guitar. The strumming is simple and has a great melody. Her voice in “Red” has a very sensual feel to it as it calls out to the listener, almost begging them for more. Another quiet little folk song is her tune “Restless,” which is packed with emotion and leaves me with reverence after every listen. In her song “Red Mill,” the guitar recording sounds like she’s barely dragging her fingers over the strings, but this makes the strumming heart-warming and happy.

Other noteworthy songs to check out are “I Should Know,” “Coffee,” “Mellow,” and “123456789(Take Me).” They all hold true to the folk and acoustic guitar sound that we know and love. It can be hard for up-and-coming musicians to “find” their sound, but I believe Mary Westlake has done so flawlessly. Don’t let Mary Westlake slip through the cracks! Give her a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Over twenty of Mary Westlake’s stellar tracks are all on SoundCloud, just waiting for you to download them. So if you are looking for some charming folk music and a passionate voice to listen to, check out Mary Westlake! Go get her music here: