Country Rockin’ with Mike Cullison

written by
Dylan Gallagher

Awww heck, there’s a ho-down at the town square tonight! Join me? Guess who’s playing: Mike Cullison. Cullison’s sound comes complete with country and blues harmonica, guitar, and piano. The drumbeats keep your body moving and shuffling. Clearly one of the cool, fun country rock artists of our time is Mike Cullison.

Cullison’s voice can at times sound like Elvis, like in his no doubt Elvis-inspired song “Blue Neon Heartache.” Other times he holds onto the whinier country sound that we’re all used to, such as in his song “Whiskey Memory.” Cullison’s voice isn’t annoying, however, which is hard for me to say considering I often find country singers to sound like nothing but yelping, drunken dogs. “Whiskey Memory” is a tale of tough times, and Cullison’s voice rings out over a high-quality and familiar country sound. The lead guitar has twangs and bends that remind me of classic country songs and keep me listening. The piano pulls me in further and locks me into the song until its final note.

My favorite song in Cullison’s list is definitely “Walkin’ Sam,” which is the tale of a man who falls in love with the daughter of a millionaire. The opening guitar contains the country rock sound and keeps a steady rhythm. For all of you with a fever out there, Cullison even brings in a cowbell. That’s right. A cowbell. That’s the moment he stole my heart. Try letting him steal yours.

It’s no doubt that if Mike Cullison hasn’t made his mark on the general public yet, he will soon. Hurry, get the word out and tell your friends! Learn more about Mike Cullison and listen to his music here: