Mr. Hunter is Mister Rocker!

Mr. Hunter is Mister Rocker!written by
Dylan Gallagher

If you’re looking for a great alternative rock sound with familiar rock n’ roll tone, then check out the Mr. Hunter Band. Add a bit of jazz piano, and you might have something great. At least I think so, which is why I recommend Mr. Hunter to all you readers out there. Mr. Hunter’s first CD is called The First Chapter, and it’s “a story about life, nature, dreams, and following what you believe in.” Who can’t get behind that?

Their sound is a soft, somewhat experimental jazz-rock created by melding insatiable piano and grungy guitar. Mr. Hunter’s guitar changes from grungy to light, depending on the song. But no matter the tone, it is clear Mr. Hunter has a firm grasp of his instrument. The band is a quintet, and they come together with a great fluidity. Their transitions are seamless, entertaining, and unexpected.

“The Corner” starts out with a great tonal key fill, then a piano arrangement, and then the guitar comes it. It has raw energy and feels sort of mystical. It reminds me of Jethro Tull’s “Locomotive Breath,” which to me points towards Mr. Hunter’s influences. The lead guitar really draws you in, and it shows an expertise. Mr. Hunter’s song “Welcome” starts with a traditional, yet fun solo drumbeat. Then the piano and accompanying guitar come in together to fill out the song. The female vocalist enters with a passionate voice. The piano section in “Welcome” weaves through the song, and the keys are sometimes fluttery and other times powerful, giving the song great variation.

At Mr. Hunter’s website, you can listen to several of his band’s songs. These guys are definitely worth listening to. Start Hunting here: