Dave Bailin and the Bailouts

Band: Dave Bailin and the Bailouts

CD: Self-Titled

REVERBNATION – https://www.reverbnation.com/artist_994364

Over the years we’ve seen rock, pop, and even hard rock slowly erode into over-commercialized, corporate puppet shows providing music that is extremely sing songy’, predictable, popish and highly corporate. I hereby call this new breed of music “Poser Rock” and I want to personally thank all the corporate giants for successfully transforming “Sex Drugs & Rock n’ Roll” into “Yoga, Vitamins and Nikelback” Of course millions of musical lemmings don’t know the difference and trust me when I say  not everyone is entertained. Talking to many music fans out there the response is overwhelming. Give me something new, something fresh, and something real.

So across my desk slides the new 9 songs CD by Salem Massachusetts 4 piece blues-rock band Dave Bailin and the Bailouts. During my initial research and a first listen to this 9 track offering, there were a few thing I noticed. Their recordings showcase a nitty-gritty, raw blues based songwriting approach: from upbeat, musically-involved pieces to simple, minimalist moody tracks to no holds barred creations all contained therein. These recent recording presents an interesting, melodically-challenging, literate (even uniquely tasteful) collection of material you can’t help but fall in love with. The music is comparable to an old fade pair of Blue Jeans. It may not be the most modern sounding collection of music to digest, but its rewards are manifold, and at the center of each piece and every arrangement is an effective, if often infectious melodies.

The “Dave Bailin and the Bailouts” finds a band like this lead by Bailin (rather than being inspired or influenced by) a wide array popular-music-history’s critically renowned underground heroes: The Black Crows, The Rolling Stones, Faces, The Band, The Derek Trucks Band, Blackberry Smoke and classic Bob Dylan. Let me go on record by saying what I heard put a smile on my face. It’s an impressive snapshot that delivers solid songwriting with a nice slow burning bluesy rock feel. Lead vocalist, guitarist and Harmonica player David Bailin one of the best singers I’ve heard in quite some time. He really lets loose behind the glass and lets her rip. You will also hear a side of Old Classic Rock that is somewhat 70’s in nature. If you like the above bands you should definitely check out this CD. Greatful Dead fans will love this record. My favorite track is probably “Plans. Another notable standout track is “Satisfactory.”

This self titled release by Dave Bailin and the Bailouts is invigorating. Invigorating in the sense that it will lift your spirits, and give you a sense of hope that real good rock/blues/soul is not officially pronounced dead yet. This 9 track CD rusn the gamut and is a solid “Feel good” release with many solid grooves with a guitar driven sound and entertaining vibe. At the end of the day it’s a CD that gives us a fresh glimpse at an amazing blues band from Salem and takes us back a few years – before everything started sounding like – well like NIKELBACK.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/dave-bailin-the-bailouts/id876532941

– Lauren Austin