Hearing Country’s Roots with TJ Nelson

TJ Nelson ReviewClassic Country started to get away from us in the mid-90s and that’s when the likes of Alan Jackson and George Strait took notice. They fought the good fight but that couldn’t help acts like Taylor Swift from coming out and eventually winning awards with her ultra pop ways. Thankfully though, Country has some true blue artists left like TJ Nelson. That genre has a few must-haves and one of them is a good, heartfelt love song and that’s what’s found in “If You Think You’re Lonely.” It’s soft, sweet and sincere and that’s just the lyrics. The musical component also works well too. Things pick up just a bit with this mid-tempo adventure in “Raining Underneath The Rainbow.” Another tale of love in a way with the very toe tapping ways of “My Old Flame” comes through as a great sing-along track. Nelson has girls on the brain as we get deep into “Talkin Dirty.” It’s a little risque but all in good fun. The upbeat tracks are great, but sometimes you just want to sit and hear a great Country ballad and that’s what you get as we wrap this up with “Show Me The Way.” If you like artists like Jackson and Brooks, check out TJ Nelson today. (www.reverbnation.com/tjnelson1)

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  • Darryl Doucet

    I’m the drummer everybody needs to book us for real country music.Thank you’ll

  • We proudly play TJ Nelson’s music on True Country FM. TJ is pure country music and what it is suppose to be. True Country FM plays traditional independent artists, as well as classic country favorites 24/7.

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