Michael Tracy drops CD

Michael Tracy drops CD

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Michael Tracy could be the next southern star, as “Gonna Smile” hits Feb.10th and shows he has the potential to break new ground and could possibly emerge as such, while his first Spectra release highly suggests. It must also be noted that his EP, “Hopeful” has also been picked up along with it, and plans to record the next one are already in the works.

These songs all sound so well worked out before they were recorded, that you just know they have their act completely down on stage as well, and they’re a hot act in the southeast right now, according to my research. This is a real true blue singer/songwriter with so much more to offer than the run of the mill rockers of this caliber. A North Carolina resident with roots in the Pacific Northwest, and a band to die for, and a future to look forward to, he’s something you will want to follow as he moves to higher ground. The opening track Old Paperback Novels competes for the best song here, it has everything for the mature listener, with everything from that great driving feel, to something for the housewife to enjoy. And it never stops as they nail it from track to track, following with the fantastic Enough Small Talk, which easily rivals the opening track, as quite a few of the rest do just the same, finding very few if any numbers to fault. Finding the strong points in the music isn’t hard, so finding weakness on the other hand isn’t easy, of course. Everything is so strong that you have to investigate to find not much to complain about, as each track does compel the listener without question. The high standard of songwriting is evident, even if the vocals aren’t their strongest feature, it all comes out in the instrumental balance. The track Red Sky is where the vocals find their weakest spot. It hints at a more hard core country sound to come, and I like that, being a big fan of country, myself, but the vocals must be kicked up a notch as that direction continues. There is a lot of sing-along spirit to tracks like Wait For Me and of course as track .7, Sing Together strongly suggests. You will fall in love with the subtlety of Raven and the mysticism of the dreamy Ever Old Ever New, as they draw you in and never let go. Besides the occasional vocal factor, the engineering could be better to produce a thicker sound, but other than that this is one difficult artist to flaw. I’ll be looking to hear a better sound on the forthcoming EP, as well as the more country dominated sound it promises to contain.

One thing I know is I won’t be shelving this anytime soon, and look forward to more from Michael Tracy in the future, and hope his voice finds its ultimate wings. If you like a strong southern appeal, not missing anything from blues to even gospel influences, look no further than Michael Tracy and his killer band. I expect to be hearing him for years to come, this guy simply rocks, and this CD seems to be just the tip of the iceberg. I only hope the country is brought out more and more as he forges on.

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SP Clarke