Dave Edwards’ Piano Driven Emotions

Dave Edwards ReviewDave Edwards is a true piano man who may as well have ivory running through his veins. If you’re ever having a complete breakdown and are stressed beyond belief, please listen to “The Illusion of Time.” There’s something about the way the music piano that really clears your conscious and puts you at ease. “Innocence” kind of does the same, only it plays like a lullaby and makes you drift into a place of serenity and naptimes. You get a sense of sadness and realization from “I Never Knew,” while “When First I Saw You” has a first love vibe. It’s fresh and new. “Time Passed” sounds like something out of a fairy tale dream, as does “Snowfall,” while “One Last Look” shakes it up as we wrap this up. It was unexpected and had the most modern feel – like an ’80s romantic comedy modern. All in all Edwards does a good job constructing different moods with his music to tell wordless tales. If you’re into instrumental music that’s piano based…check out Dave Edwards now. (http://www.davedwardspiano.com/Dave_Edwards_Piano.html)