Gisele A. Costa releases a new solo piece for relaxed listening

Gisele A. Costa releases a new solo piece for relaxed listening

 New classical musical piece available online


 Los Angeles, California – June 27, 2020 – Since her early musical beginning, singing in the choir at St. Dominic’s, Gisele A. Costa knew her path was in creating and sharing music. Gisele’s newest classical piece is the perfect addition to anyone’s playlist. It’s perfect for studying or relaxation.

Gisele’s newest composition is titled “Intertwining the Heart & the Mind.” The song features an uplifting piano melody that will bring peace and joy to both the mind and heart. When Gisele wrote this piece, she was answering the question, “When do you follow your heart? Or do you follow your mind?” The song is available for listening on her YouTube channel and website. The sheet music is also free to download on Gisele’s page.

Gisele’s music career has taken her across America, lending her talents to singing the National Anthem at sporting events and recently to Carnegie Hall. She collaborated with Paul Moravec and librettist Mark Campbell under conductor Kent Tritle for a live event at Carnegie. The live recording earned Giselse a spot on Billboard’s Top Ten Classical chart for several weeks.

Among her other accomplishments, Gisele’s pieces were used b High School Sophomores from the Academy for Visual and Performing Arts. With her music, they won their 45th Annual Dance on Film Contest. Gisele has also authored many books on music, including The Eras Series. Gisele has also developed an app for iOS called “The Baroque Story,” “The Classical Story,” and “The Romantic Story.” The app breaks down musical education for children.

Parties interested in adding new classical music to their playlists, using “Intertwining the Heart & the Mind” on their site, or interviewing Gisele on their site, podcast, or radio show, can contact her via the links provided below.

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