Introducing The Dynamic Duo That Is Risky Bidnis

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Warren, Ohio – June 30, 2020 – There are so many great things that come in pairs, especially when it comes to music. From Simon and Garfunkel to Outkast, there has never been a lack of great pairings in music, and Risky Bidnis plan on keeping that sentiment alive as these Ohio-based talents came together years ago to deliver a wonderfully blends hip hop and electronic beats seamlessly. 

Risky Bidnis is composed of John13sie (John Siedentopf) and Lymbeaux (Kenny Oliver), and they have been making music together with their entire lives, but took things to the next level several years ago. Apart John13sie shines as a lyricist with his rhymes, while Lymbeaux holds things down as a tech wiz who does everything from spinning as a DJ to engineering to mastering various instruments. They have each dropped their own music, and have also partnered up throughout the years to bring out the best in one another as well. 

They were just teenagers messing around when they uploaded their music on Soundcloud years ago. They went back and forth between chasing the dream and the harsh realities the world continued to throw their way. Casting doubt aside, they finally realized through the love and support of loved ones and listeners that they were on the right track. Now with over a dozen records between them and countless tracks to their names, they are ready to dive into the deep end. 

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