David Britt – Country Flow

Artist: David Britt

Album: Country Flow

There´s no doubt Country has found its place on today´s music, from being a genre people joke about or was the exception on everyone´s list of music taste (¨I love all music… except for Country¨) to become a popular style of music that people proudly play and sing along on their car, house, as a band or artist. That´s great news for musician  as David Britt that like many great acts such as Dallas Smith and Jake Owen blends Rock with traditional Country music.

His new album Country Flow kicks off with the titled track, with the south accent and danceable, cool catchy melody will definitely get more than one shaking his body, so grab your couple and enjoy. ¨To Hell With Your Love¨ leaves its traditional country vibe for a more rock sound where it´s obvious David its angry at someone and is ready to forget about her. As I listen through, there´s no doubt this is a musician that haven´t forget his roots and with the banjo  and string arrangements it adds that really country touch to every track – except for the likes of ¨When Tennessee Calls¨ which it’s a more intimate song, only him and his guitar. There´s also a cool country cover to Michael Jackson´s classic ¨Billie Jean¨.

Top track – Country Flow, Billie Jean, To Hell With Your Love

The ¨bad thing¨ about this record is that at first it gets you in mood, it´s all about excitement and strong emotions. However, half way through the album, it´s like it goes from a studio album to an unplugged and while the acoustic songs are cool and everything, for me, it was kind of disappointing and I was waiting throughout the album for that upbeat song, that ¨country flow¨ David was singing about when he started this song. Also, most of the acoustic songs sounded the same therefore making the second half of the album, a boring letdown that not even the ¨Billie Jean¨ cover could save.

In the end, this is an album that new and old Country fans will enjoy the first half but get ready for a slow, quite ending. This is just a theory, but this album was intended to be like a ¨prom¨ party, so to speak: DJ or the band start playing upbeat music to get everyone in the mood and then end the night with a slow dance. Either way, I really like David Britt´s music – just work on the songs order. Except for that, it really worth a listen and you may find your next new favourite song, I hear an artist on the rough. This may all sound as I am contradicting myself considering the paragraph above, but like I say, it´s not a negative comment but just a personal opinion, more like a constructive comment for David when he records his next record. That being said, if by any reason this record didn´t totally caught your attention, I would give him another try and not lose my hope on him.

Rating: 7/10

By RJ Frometa