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“My Love” Available Now 


Birmingham, United Kingdom – May 28, 2020 – The past year has been challenging for Debbie Defire. When she lost her husband to cancer in August 2019, it seemed impossible to go on, but she found an inner strength to push forward. Her upcoming release EP, ‘Where Do I Go From Here’ is not only an homage to her late husband but was composed by him as well. A perfect gift to celebrate their love. While the new album is not expected until later this year, Debbie Defire is sharing a piece of it now via her latest single, “My Love.” 

Debbie Defire spent three days in a Tanzania room crying, writing, and singing. The result? ‘Where Do I Go From Here.’ The title track was created after three days in a Tanzanian studio and reflects the isolation she was feeling at the time. She also worked alongside Hugh Masekela who was a South African trumpeter singer and composer years ago on a song called “Respect.” Written a decade ago, Debbie plans on featuring it on her upcoming EP. Born from reggae and world beats her latest single, “My Love” is Debbie Defire’s proclamation that says, the Reggae Mama has returned. The way her heartfelt lyrics play with the beautiful arrangement gives way to a song that not many are going to be able to turn away from. 

“My Love” is just the start as there is a whole album full of wonderful delights waiting to consumed when ‘Where Do I Go From Here’ drops on August 19, 2020. That date is significant to Debbie Defire as it is the day her husband passed in 2019. She plans on donating part of the proceeds to Cancer Research. It is a foundation dedicated to discovering a cure for the disease that has plagued so many. 

Debbie Defire broke into the music scene in 1978 with her The Upsetter label debut. Come the ‘80s she was living in Chicago and soon enough became the city’s resident First Lady of Reggae. She stepped back from music for a minute and settled into retirement but decided it was time to get back in the game. 

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Debbie Defire’s ‘Where Do I Go From Here’ doesn’t drop until August 2020, but she’s giving fans a heartfelt sneak peek of what’s to come with “My Love,” available now. 

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