Deborah Gibson, Marc Kudisch & Ruben Gomez: Zorro Love Duets: The Musical of Zorro

the-musical-of-zorro-reviewDeborah Gibson, Marc Kudisch & Ruben Gomez have teamed up for “Zorro Love Duets: The Musical of Zorro.” You can now have the sounds of this tale in your stereo with this album that features favorites like “What Makes a Hero” from Gibson and Gomez, and the Latin infused “Destiny” from Kudisch and Gomez. This one’s a comical one for sure. Fall in love with Gomez and Gibson belting out “Just Close Your Eyes,” and do the same with those two again on “Now That I Have You.” It’s not all duets though. Gomez shines on his own with the dramatics of “Play the Fool,” while Gibson delivers a lovely performance on “I’ve Never Seen His Face.” If you are a fan of musicals and/or love the story of the masked crusader, then you just have to get in tune with what Gibson, Kudisch and Gomez have cooked up on “Zorro Love Duets: The Musical of Zorro.” (